Thursday, September 2, 2010

We're Under Construction......more to come!

Well, I haven't written anything for a long time......a very long time. Our favorite missionary has come home. We are building a new house. We have sold our old house and have moved into a rental house. We are the general contractors on our new house.....very crazy thing to try and do. But we're in it to finish it! (I hope) Someday I'll have our daughter help me create a slideshow of our building project. Don't know if that will be soon. But I mainly just wanted to see if I could still get on the blog!!!!! It took a while, but here I am!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Our Favorite Missionary!

Here is a picture of Matt in his current area of Cerro Azul, Mexico. We think he looks really great. He has been out 11 months and just had his 20th birthday this week. It's a little scary with the 'swine" flu scare in Mexico, and earthquakes in Mexico City..... but we will just continue to put our trust in the Lord. He sounds great in his letters and we're happy that he's serving the Lord. I can't think of anyone better to be serving right now (or any time). Especially with all the unrest in the world.

Standley Lake High School Prom 2009

Alyssa and her date Austin looked really great for Standley Lake High School Prom! Some of her teachers at school even commented on how great they looked. One teacher told me that Austin was a true gentleman. What a great comment for us (the parents) to hear!!!! She was a great example of modest dressing and we're happy she has made that choice. I'm glad it was a positive experience. (Of course 'beautifully modest' dressing doesn't come cheap!) We feel it was money well spent. :) Austin coordinated his tux to Alyssa's dress and one teacher said they looked like 'Mr & Mrs FCCLA"!

BYU-I Graduation and Kenzie's Blessing

It's Spring!.......We hope....

Well, we've had a lot of things going on the past few months. Some really good, some not so good, but all in all we are getting through! In early April we headed to Idaho again for Ashley and Derek's graduation from BYU I and Kenzie's blessing. Everything went great. Alyssa was too busy to take time off school so she flew to Utah and her Grandparents picked her up at the SLC Airport and met us in Rexburg on Saturday April 11th. Sunday Derek blessed Kenzie and it was a great experience. We love being grandparents! Yes, it's as good as everyone says it is. Of course it's not worry free.....when is life worry free? But it is wonderful!

Prior to going to Idaho Alyssa participated in the State FCCLA (Family, Career,Comunity Leaders of America) Conference. Mark and I were judging a couple of events and so Emily, Mark, and I stayed at the hotel for two nights so we could have a mini vacation since this took the place of our Spring Break. Alyssa was a state officer this past year and was very involved in the planning and carrying out of this event. There were over 1000 kids from around Colorado participating in events. It was a very impressive event. Alyssa did a great job as did all the State Officers. They have to have a red formal gown and there is a dress standard that they can't have any bare shoulders. The girls were to wear white cover-ups to make their dresses modest. Alyssa had a modest dress and just wore a white shawl to match the other girls. After the conference the leaders asked Alyssa about where she got her dress and commented how impressed they were with an "already modest" gown and she didn't have to worry about her shawl falling down, off, etc. They said they will consider getting dresses from the same company (Beautifully Modest) for the officers next year. Way to be a good example Alyssa!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A happy New Year

We have had a very wonderful beginning to 2009! January 27th, 2009 we became first-time grandparents! Ashley and Derek welcomed their first baby - Kenzie Marie Cook - into the world. She weighed 7'11' and was 21" long. I had purchased airline tickets 'on a whim' several months ago when Southwest was have a 1/2 off sale. With such a good deal I tried to predict when to fly out to be with Ashley and Derek and help with the new baby. It turns out that while I was waiting for my bus at Salt Lake City to take me to Idaho Falls they called to tell me that Ashley was at the hospital and would be having the baby that day! I told the bus driver that I didn't want to miss this! :) I arrived about 4pm and Kenzie was born at 8:38pm the same day. What a priviledge to be able to see her right after she was born. They had gone to the doctor that morning and the Doctor asked if she wanted to have the baby today since she was dilated to about a 4. Of course they jumped at the opportunity.

I was able to stay until Friday February 6th and then I headed to Salt Lake to be with all my sisters, sister-in-laws, and mom to have a girls weekend. We had a great time. Then I flew home on my scheduled flight on Sunday the 8th. I had never been away from my home and family that long. Even though I had a great time....I was glad to be home again. Mark and Emily came to Rexburg while I was there to see the baby and it was good to see them!

Now we are in Richfield with David and Carol Lyn and my dad. The guys went to Las Vegas to pick up a new ski/wakeboard boat....on Valentine's Day! We know what their "true love" is!!!! But we're glad that they enjoy do such fun activities with their families. And we're thankful for those opportunities.

When I get home I will post pictures of our new grandbaby. She is adorable!!!!! It was love at first sight. Being a grandma is at least as much fun as everybody says it is!!!! We can't wait to see her again. (and Ashley and Derek too of course :)

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New backyard landscaping

We took out our trees that had been sick for quite a few years and replaced them with flowering trees that will bloom in the spring and some will bloom all summer. We have a hibiscus tree and a burning bush tree for fall color. We also have a Newport Plum tree and another ornamental tree that I can't remember the name right now. We have had some VERY cold temperatures this winter. Hopefully they come back. They are guaranteed for 1 year...but I hate to see trees die. We also had new grass installed on the side next to the patio and a smaller flagstone patio installed up under the Ash trees. We're excited for spring! We also got a firepit that is really fun to sit around!